Industrial process safety with Bardiani Valvole

Discover how to make your plant reliable with Bardiani Valvole by participating in the first free webinar titled “Safety in industrial processes: how to eliminate contamination risks through the use of mixproof valves”.

The online event is scheduled for April 24th from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM CET and will be an excellent opportunity to delve into topics related to food and industrial safety.

Our expert speaker will be Luca Ollari (Senior Engineer at Bardiani Valvole), who will explain how mixproof valves with hygienic design, 3A and EHEDG certification, allow achieving the highest safety standards in industrial processes and product quality.

Registering is easy! And it can be done in two ways:

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  2. By clicking on the button you will have direct access to the form to complete.

Don’t miss the opportunity to increase your knowledge and stay up-to-date with industry news!

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The shape of Bardiani Valvole



“The Shape Of…” is the Bardiani Valvole manifesto that embraces key concepts such as territoriality, sustainability, passion, and technology.

For over 40 years, Bardiani Valvole has found its reason for existence in Fornovo Val di Taro, Emilia. The company specializes in the design and production of hygienic-sanitary valves suitable for various application sectors including food, beverages, chemical-pharmaceutical, cosmetic, tobacco, household products, and even the animal products industry.

Bardiani Valvole combines the “know-how” of Emilia with the passion of its people: a unique combination that materializes in the new video The Shape of…

“The Shape Of…” is the synthesis of who Bardiani Valvole is, its history, and its ambitions.



Improve Efficiency, Maximize Product Recovery, and Ensure Sustainability

In the food, beverage, and chemical industries, PIG recovery systems are increasingly being used to reduce product waste and improve production efficiency. These systems are designed to be hygienic, efficient, and versatile, adapting to different types of plants and allowing for optimal product recovery.

During the process, the “PIG” (a cylindrical device) is pushed through the pipelines to remove product residues, maximizing recovery and reducing waste. If hygiene valves designed specifically for PIG passage are present along the pipelines, product recovery is maximized, reaching up to 98%.

Bardiani valves for PIG systems are designed to allow for PIG passage thanks to the special design of the body and the shutter. The internal diameter of the valve body is the same as that of the pipeline, so there are no obstructions even when the valve is closed.

This characteristic allows the PIG to easily pass through the valves when pushed through the pipeline.

The main advantages of Bardiani valves for PIG systems are:

  • Specific design and construction for PIG systems
  • Complete range of valves: single seat, double seal, mix proof
  • Reduced number of gaskets in contact with the product and ease of maintenance without the use of special tools
  • Sturdiness thanks to valve bodies and shutters made from solid steel bars
  • Maximum flexibility thanks to the possibility of making mixed DN bodies


By choosing Bardiani valves for your PIG system, you will get:

Maximum recovery efficiency: up to 98% of the product remaining in the pipelines after each production, minimizing waste

Reduction in production costs: Thanks to the maximum efficiency in product recovery, production costs related to waste and losses are reduced

Water and chemical savings: Pigging systems facilitate pipeline cleaning, generating savings in water and chemicals used for cleaning, resulting in cost reductions

Environmental and economic sustainability: pollutants are avoided, costs of wastewater treatment plants are reduced, and productive yields are maximized, contributing to environmental and economic sustainability.

 Discover the complete range of Bardiani valves for PIG systems. (link)

Bardiani Valvole has obtained ISO14001 certification


A significant step towards environmental sustainability.

Fornovo di Taro,  January, 2024


Bardiani Valvole has achieved the ISO 14001 certification, recognized internationally, for our commitment to environmental sustainability.
The improvement program for 2024 at BARDIANI VALVOLE focuses on three key objectives to promote environmental sustainability and energy efficiency.
Among the main objectives:
Reduction of electricity consumption🌿 Stated environmental goal: reduction of over 18,000 kWh/year
Increase in the percentage of electricity from renewable sources 🌿 Stated environmental goal: increase to at least 60%, resulting in an approximate reduction of CO2 by over 240 tons/year
Reduction of plastic packaging waste and increase in packaging sustainability 🌿 Stated environmental goal: elimination of plastic packaging for materials from third parties and replacement with FSC branded packaging.


These efforts reflect BARDIANI VALVOLE’s ongoing commitment to responsible and environmentally friendly business practices, positioning it as a benchmark in industrial sustainability.
For more information on Bardiani Valvole’s ISO 14001 certification, click here:

Bardiani Valvole at Anuga FoodTec




Colonia, March 19-22, 2024

Bardiani Valvole will partecipate at the Anuga FoodTec fair, a reference event for process technology in the food and beverage sector.

This year Bardiani Valvole offers the opportunity to all thoss who want to visit Anuga FoodTec to obtain an admission ticket.

Visiting the fair is an excellent business opportunity.

Here are four reasons why it’s worth requesting the ticket and visiting the Bardiani Valvole booth:


  1. Product Innovations

Among the solutions exhibited by Bardiani Valvole, three will be the main focuses: high-pressure valves, mixproof valves, and valves for pigging systems. Bardiani Valvole has a high degree of specialization and is capable of developing tailored solutions to make plants more efficient, safe, and sustainable.

  1. Customization

The Bardiani team will be present at the booth to answer all questions and curiosities, as well as to recommend personalized solutions suitable for the specific needs of each customer. Every company is unique.

  1. Certifications and Food Safety

Bardiani valves guarantee food safety. This is confirmed by the certifications obtained that meet the highest quality standards.

  1. Networking and Opportunities

The fair is an excellent opportunity for networking, as well as for sharing a moment of discussion. The Bardiani team is ready to welcome you at the booth.

Staying updated on the latest market developments is important for planning activities in the short, medium, and long term.

The Bardiani Valvole Team is waiting for you at Hall 4.1 booth C60/D69.

To request a complimentary admission ticket and schedule an appointment, please write to

anuga 2

Bardiani Valvole and Barilla: a long-lasting partnership over time!

Bardiani Valvole and Barilla: a long-lasting partnership over time!

Barilla, a leading company in the production of pasta, baked goods, and sauces, has chosen Bardiani Valvole as the valve supplier for its Rubbiano sauce plant.


The Rubbiano plant was established in 2012 and, after three expansions, now comprises 5 production lines and a total area of 35,000 square meters.

Barilla chose Bardiani Valvole due to several factors, not only related to proximity between the two companies but also for the high reliability, safety, hygiene, and easy maintainability that Bardiani valves have always guaranteed.

The main products noticeable within all production departments are the single-seat BBZP valves, known for their versatility, robustness, and reliability.

Advantages of Barilla in choosing Bardiani valves

Reliability, easy maintenance, and high hygiene are among the main characteristics that distinguish Bardiani valves in the market.

Designed to facilitate cleaning and sanitation processes, they comply with the highest standards of quality and safety, making them suitable for contact with food products.

Meanwhile, the robustness and quality of materials allow the valves to be used in all types of systems, ensuring customers continuous and sustainable production.

Bardiani Care

For Barilla, what truly made a difference were the people.

In Bardiani, there is a pre and post-sales service available and attentive to customer needs.

A team of experts is always ready to address issues and conduct a new analysis of potential applications, providing necessary solutions to solve problems quickly.

▶️Watch the complete video here!




Cibus Tec 2023 has just ended, and we’re already geared up to start again. 🛩️Destination: Nuremberg!

From November 28th to 30th, we’ll be present at Brau Beviale, the fair dedicated to the beverage industry, particularly craft and industrial beer.


You’ll find us at Hall 07, booth number 549.


The event will be an opportunity to showcase our valves in the international market and highlight the advantages they bring to our customers’ systems in terms of sustainability, quality, and hygiene.

You’ll also have the chance to see them in action and meet our team of experts, who will be delighted to answer any questions, satisfy curiosities, or address any concerns about our products.

This will be the last opportunity in 2023 to meet us, so don’t miss it!



Bardiani Valvole is waiting for you at CibusTec- Hall 3 Stand F26

The fair will be held from October 24th to 27th at Fiere di Parma
With its 80 year history for passion in pioneering solutions, Cibus Tec is one of the most innovative food and beverage technology exhibitions.
A highly specialized event in a premium location, where passion for quality food has deep roots and links with the best technologies and know-how.
It is no coincidence that Cibus Tec has inspired some of the most sophisticated solutions for the food and beverage industry.
We are waiting for you!

Product news: Multifunctional housing BBVAR


Product news BBVAR

BBVAR is a multifunctional housing series for inline pipe application which enables visual control and supervision of fluid processing.
It allows the visual control if equipped with metal fused sight glass* and a direct product control if equipped with special measurement instruments*.
*Bardiani Valvole is not supplying any measurement instruments, nor metal fused sight glass.

corpi BBVAR

BBVAR Configurations



Main benefits

CLEANABILITY AND HYGIENE: thanks to absence of dead areas and controlled seals compression (3A certified).

MAXIMUM VERSATILITY: any instruments from main manufacturers can be installed on the housing.

STURDINESS: body are made from AISI316L bar