Our values

The customer at the center of our business

Bardiani Valvole has always stood out for the attention dedicated to the customer.
From listening to your requests to support in choosing valves, to after-sales service.
In addition to technical values, respect for the values that distinguish the corporate identity are also decisive for Bardiani: honesty, respect, solidarity and social responsibility.

Values that are declared and published in Code of Ethics

Competence: training, specialization and experience

Constant training is essential both for company improvement and to increase pride in collaborating on the success of client companies.
The high specialization of the collaborators and the specific experience in valves allow us to proactively and proactively assist the customer in their needs.

Quality: of the product, of the service and of the process

From the quality of raw materials, to the search for certified European suppliers; from the care of the workmanship to the control of the processes: everything is focused on offering quality valves.
This allows Bardiani customers to install valves that last over time and minimize maintenance and repair costs, supporting a more sustainable industrial process.

Sustainability: environmental, economic, social and territorial

Tangible actions aimed at the increasingly pressing process of corporate eco-sustainability are implemented: renewable energy, sustainable mobility and attention to reuse before recycling.
Bardiani Valvole believes in sustainability that is not only environmental but also economic, social and territorial.
Growth is based on the development of corporate strategies based on 360° sustainability.

Reliability and service: of the product, of the people and of the customized services

Attention to the customer is expressed in listening to needs to translate them into concrete solutions, quickly.
Bardiani provides a team of specialized technicians, able to offer a pre- and post-sales service aimed at satisfying the customer’s specific needs.

What does it mean to you…