Our certifications

EHEDG, 3A, Atex, CRN, PMO certification

Quality and reliability are values that have always been sought after in the design and creation of all Bardiani solutions.

The technology and the choice of the highest quality raw materials, such as AISI 316L steel, guarantee durability and safety. In addition to the resistance, ensured by the production process of the single-body valves, obtained from a single steel bar.

To ensure the highest levels of hygiene, the surface finish of the parts in contact with the product is kept at a level below 0.8μm.

Since Bardiani valves are used in various application sectors, including food and pharmaceuticals, even higher quality requirements are necessary as well as a deeper sensitivity towards the product treated in the plants.

Thanks to the attention and craftsmanship dedicated to every single detail of the process, Bardiani has therefore obtained important and significant certifications:


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ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 Integrated management system

All phases of design, production and marketing, and service take place at the Fornovo Taro facility, certified with Integrated Quality-Environmental System, to offer customers quick deliveries of high quality valves, always with respect to sustainability.

ISO 9001 Quality
– Quality policy link to document (IT)
– TUV ISO 9001 certificate (download certificate)

Environment ISO 14001
– Environmental Policy Politica Ambientale Ed.1 Rev.1
– TUV ISO 14001 certificate (download certificate)

The quality of the materials and the certification of the products are the timely response to customer requests.

The development of Bardiani Valvole products moves along these pillars.

Engineers and specialists design and redesign the valves based on the requests coming from the market and on the basis of the indications obtained by monitoring the work of each model in the field with the utmost attention, in all conditions of use and for the product treated.

Quality control