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Manual high pressure valve

Main benefits
  • checkUnique: the only manual high-pressure valve – up to 150 bar
  • checkSimplified maintenance for significant time savings and increased efficiency
  • checkSturdiness: valve bodies made from solid bar

BBZMQ is the manual version of BBZQ, the only valve currently available on the market, for application in all health hygiene sectors with pressures up to 150 bar.  Made from top quality raw materials, it is characterized by sturdiness and can be installed in all those applications where maximum reliability is required for cutting off and directing a fluid or product.

Standard features
  • checkConnections DN40-DN50-DN65-DN80-DN100
  • checkEPDM, FKM, HNBR seals; PTFE or metal seal for the shaft
  • checkMaximum pressure 150 bar from DN 40 to DN 80 and 55 bar for DN 100

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