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High pressure valve with steam barrier

Main benefit/USP
  • checkUnique: the only high-pressure valve – up to 150 bar – with  3A certification
  • checkSimplified maintenance for significant time savings and increased efficiency
  • checkSturdiness: valve bodies made from solid bar
  • checkServiceable actuator

BBYQ is an high pressure valve which guarantees 3A certified hygiene. This single seat valve has been designed for application in all health-hygiene sectors with pressures up to 150 bar.  BBYQ  is recommended for very hygiene applications such as sterile, aseptic processing or high temperature sterilization. The steam barrier, placed between the valve body and the pneumatic actuator, minimises the risk of the product coming into contact with the external atmosphere

Standard features
  • checkConnections from DN25 to DN100 (from 1” to 4”)
  • checkEPDM, FKM, HNBR seals; PTFE or metal seal for the shaft
  • checkMaximum pressure 150 bar from DN 25 to DN 80 and 55 bar for DN 100

High pressure valve

Modulating high pressure valve

Manual operated high pressure valve


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