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Aseptic mixproof valve

Main benefits
  • checkManages highly viscous products and large particles
  • checkSafety against pressure
  • checkAseptic design with single layer diaphragm
  • checkNo dead zone inside valve body
  • checkEasy maintenance and cleanability

The aseptic double-seat mixproof valve BZZWT1 is designed to separate two different products or fluids without the risk of cross-contamination, ensuring the complete aseptic integrity of the process. It meets the highest process requirements and standards in terms of aseptic performance,
washability, and safety. BZZWT1 consists of four single-seat valves: two main valves for product passage, equipped with a single-layer PTFE diaphragm that creates a hermetic seal to ensure process asepticity; two auxiliary valves for leak detection and management of the steam circuit during the sterilization phase. The aseptic double-seat mixproof valve is the optimal solution for use in aseptic process applications in the pharmaceutical, food, dairy, and beverage sectors. It is particularly suitable for use with viscous products or those containing solid particles.

Caratteristiche standard
  • checkConnections from DN25 to DN100
  • checkSeals EPDM, FKM, HNBR and P.T.F.E
  • checkPressiMaximum pressure: 10 bar

Aseptic mixproof valve with
main valve: single seat valves with diaphragm
auxiliary valves: single seat valves

Aseptic mixproof valve with
Main valves: single seat valves with steam barrier
Auxiliary valves: single seats valves

Aseptic mixproof valve with
Main valves: single seat valves with stream barrier and twin stop
Auxiliary valves: single seat valves