Our specialized technicians from the Bardiani Care team offer a complete preventive maintenance service on the system, in order to guarantee optimization of the life cycle of the valves, with the consequent reduction in costs and plant downtime.

Why choose Bardiani services:

Maintenance at the Bardiani Valvole headquarters:
  • Complete overhaul of the valve (air side and product side)
  • Electrical component analysis
  • Valve testing
  • Quick times for preparing the estimate
Maintenance at the customer’s factory
  • Inspection, census and verification of the state of the valves installed on the system by a specialized Bardiani Valvole technician
  • Processing of database shared with the customer containing maintenance history, necessary maintenance kits and recommended minimum stocks
  • Consultancy on possible replacement of discontinued valves

By taking advantage of these services, we guarantee reduced maintenance times compared to a general maintenance technician.