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Improve Efficiency, Maximize Product Recovery, and Ensure Sustainability

In the food, beverage, and chemical industries, PIG recovery systems are increasingly being used to reduce product waste and improve production efficiency. These systems are designed to be hygienic, efficient, and versatile, adapting to different types of plants and allowing for optimal product recovery.

During the process, the “PIG” (a cylindrical device) is pushed through the pipelines to remove product residues, maximizing recovery and reducing waste. If hygiene valves designed specifically for PIG passage are present along the pipelines, product recovery is maximized, reaching up to 98%.

Bardiani valves for PIG systems are designed to allow for PIG passage thanks to the special design of the body and the shutter. The internal diameter of the valve body is the same as that of the pipeline, so there are no obstructions even when the valve is closed.

This characteristic allows the PIG to easily pass through the valves when pushed through the pipeline.

The main advantages of Bardiani valves for PIG systems are:

  • Specific design and construction for PIG systems
  • Complete range of valves: single seat, double seal, mix proof
  • Reduced number of gaskets in contact with the product and ease of maintenance without the use of special tools
  • Sturdiness thanks to valve bodies and shutters made from solid steel bars
  • Maximum flexibility thanks to the possibility of making mixed DN bodies


By choosing Bardiani valves for your PIG system, you will get:

Maximum recovery efficiency: up to 98% of the product remaining in the pipelines after each production, minimizing waste

Reduction in production costs: Thanks to the maximum efficiency in product recovery, production costs related to waste and losses are reduced

Water and chemical savings: Pigging systems facilitate pipeline cleaning, generating savings in water and chemicals used for cleaning, resulting in cost reductions

Environmental and economic sustainability: pollutants are avoided, costs of wastewater treatment plants are reduced, and productive yields are maximized, contributing to environmental and economic sustainability.

 Discover the complete range of Bardiani valves for PIG systems. (link)