Bardiani Valvole has obtained ISO14001 certification

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A significant step towards environmental sustainability.

Fornovo di Taro,  January, 2024


Bardiani Valvole has achieved the ISO 14001 certification, recognized internationally, for our commitment to environmental sustainability.
The improvement program for 2024 at BARDIANI VALVOLE focuses on three key objectives to promote environmental sustainability and energy efficiency.
Among the main objectives:
Reduction of electricity consumption🌿 Stated environmental goal: reduction of over 18,000 kWh/year
Increase in the percentage of electricity from renewable sources 🌿 Stated environmental goal: increase to at least 60%, resulting in an approximate reduction of CO2 by over 240 tons/year
Reduction of plastic packaging waste and increase in packaging sustainability 🌿 Stated environmental goal: elimination of plastic packaging for materials from third parties and replacement with FSC branded packaging.


These efforts reflect BARDIANI VALVOLE’s ongoing commitment to responsible and environmentally friendly business practices, positioning it as a benchmark in industrial sustainability.
For more information on Bardiani Valvole’s ISO 14001 certification, click here: