Success story: Davines


Davines Group is an international company based in Parma, born in 1983 and dedicated both to professional haircarcare, with Davines brand, and to skincare, with |comfort zone| and /skin regimen brand.

Davines pursues the ambitious project of creating high quality products using fine and natural ingredients, submitting each product to a strictly scientific process and paying captious care and respect for the environment in order to ensure full safety and satisfaction to its customers.

Sustainability is one of the company’s core values.
The production, the choice of raw materials, the product packaging, up to the architecture of the new headquarters and the involvement of collaborators: everything is based on a commitment to ethics and sustainability.
In 2016 Davines gets B Corp certification, which still holds, officially joining the global network of companies that, in addition to the goal of profit, compete to maximize their positive impact on people and the environment.



In 2018, Davines opens its new headquarters: “Davines Village”.
The architectural project represents the most tangible realization of the values of beauty, sustainability and well-being that animate the company
Built on an area of 77,000 square meters, the complex covers approximately 11,000 square meters including offices, training, the R&D laboratory, production plant and warehouse.
The site is dedicated to energy sustainability, waste reduction, optimization of natural resources and saving of non-renewable ones. Moreover, the components of the plants must meet in every phase the standard for the optimization of resources and the efficiency of the production flow

Customer’s request and the solution by Bardiani and CSF

The customer needs the construction of an osmotic water treatment line.
Furthermore, looking to optimizing production times and cycles, Davines needs to have reliable suppliers, providing products and spare parts over time and a quick answer to its requests.
The combination of technology, product customization and technical consultancy make CSF and Bardiani Valvole an extraordinary team of suppliers. Due to their flexibility and ability to meet the demand of their customers

The importance of service and efficient production

Davines needs a prompt and careful service, both in terms of time and method.
Thanks to a mutual and constant exchange with the customer, Bardiani Valvole and CSF Inox are now able to combine ad-hoc customizations and light and quick procedures to satisfy customer’s requests.
Behind it all is a precise will to give a unique service: Bardiani and CSF are able to offer programs for maintenance, support for the selection of spare parts, quick deliveries and training.
These assumptions are the basis for the collaboration with Davines, as stated by Fabio Paterlini, Sales Manager of CSF Inox: “The collaborationdated back to years ago, allowed us to supply our products to an Italian company deeply connected with its local area, being at the same time a world leader in cosmetic production. Our aim is to keep on offering the best, as for product and service. We will go ahead in the pursuit of common ethical and sustainable goalsTheir cooperation and satisfaction are our best reward”.

Ethical values

Bardiani Valvole, CSF Inox and Davines share a deeply rooted business ethic, based on human values and strong social and environmental commitment.
Each of them reflects a dynamic, international working reality, strongly increasing, whose primary purpose is to improve the company to create a new well-being for people, the environment and the Planet.
Three companies closely connected to their own area with an international vision, as stated by Sandra Donelli, Italy Sales Manager for Bardiani Valvole: “have been longly appreciating their products as the result of an innovative research. I admire the Bollani family for having created and brought this reality to an international success, keeping a spasmodic attention to the environment. I am thrilled to have acquired Davines as a customer. I immediately grasped the affinities between our companies, where family and business histories are deeply intertwinedwhere love for the origins is combined with international ambition and success”.