Success Story: Barilla

a collaboration based on solid values, reliability and quality

The collaboration between Bardiani Valvole and Barilla is based on shared values and on Bardiani’s ability to give quickly and effective answers to all the needs of a historic and renowned company like Barilla.


Barilla: a family, a company

Barilla is a family company, not listed on the Stock Exchange, headed by brothers Guido, Luca and Paolo Barilla. It was founded by great-grandfather Pietro Barilla, who opened a bakery in Parma in 1877. Today Barilla is well known in Italy and around the world for the excellence of its food products. The Group’s commitment is to offer people the joy that good and well-made food can give them, making it with selected ingredients from responsible supply chains. 

The values inspiring Pietro Barilla 145 years ago, Pietro Barilla when he opened his bakery, are today the basis of Barilla’s business.

The company has 8,700 employees and 30 productive areas dedicated to the production of pasta, baked goods and sauceshalf of which located abroad

Barilla Sughi: a plant in constant evolution

The factory in Rubbiano, in the province of Parma, is the only one of the Group producing sauces and pestsauce.

Built in 2012, it began its production with 2 lines, one dedicated to tomato-based red sauces and one to pesto sauce.

In 2018, given the positive market results for these products, the decision was made to expand the plant reaching about 35000 square meters of interior spaces. 2 further lines have been installed, one dedicated to pesto and a flexible one for the production of red sauces or meat saucesFinally, in 2021 it was decided to further increase production capacity and flexibility through the installation of the 5th line, also dedicated to pesto sauce. The plant is constantly evoltving and tests and further completions are underway. 

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Bardiani Valves supplier of excellence

In the choice of components, Barilla looks for some key features: reliability, high constructive qualitysuitability for food contactefficient cleaning and sanitization and, finallysimple and quick maintenance. The offer of Bardiani Valvole fully meets the needs of Barillathey share the same values and objectives. 


Bardiani valves at the plant of Rubbiano

In the plant of Rubbiano Bardiani valves are largely employedThey are in every production department and in many different  application fields. There are mainly single seat valves BBZPThey are extremely flexibledurablereliable and customizable according to process requirements. 

Production is basically characterized by fluid transfer. We transfer pulp and tomato paste from the stems, coming from our suppliers, to the process tanks. In the same way, we distribute through manifold the oil from external silos to the machines for the provision of recipes. Sauces as well, once cooked, are first sent  to heat treatment plants and then to our filling machines. In addition,once the production ends up, pipes are washed through CIP processes.

Finallyit is very frequentwalking through our departments, to raise your eyes noticing a Giotto Top control unit that, thanks to its high visibilityallows our operators to remotely check the status of the valve and its proper operation.

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Efficiency and reliability of Bardiani valves

One of the most appreciated aspects of Bardiani Valvole is the attention to customer needsthe comprehension and the prompt solving of problems. The company was promptly available to carry out a new analysis of the applications and, was quickly able to recommend the most appropriate products and their  customizations through a re-engineering of the application. 

The care and attention of the staff of Bardiani Valvole

The collaboration with Bardiani Valvole allows to trust on reliability and safety of the components, as well as on a careful and efficient team, starting from the design, up to the post-sale one. 

This means that the relationship between Bardiani Valvole and Barilla, consolidated over time, represents a guarantee of success for the production processes. 

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