Genuine spare parts

Genuine spare parts

How to get original spare parts
1) Valves identification

In order to correctly identify your valves, you have to communicate to Bardiani Valvole the SERIAL NUMBER of the valves. This number is written on a white label located on valve cylinder. For valves bought before 03/2003, the serial number is marked on a metallic label, fixed on the black control unit.

2) Spare part selection

Bardiani Valvole holds spare parts for all valves manufactured over the years. Spare parts are held as a pre-assembled kit.

Wetted Kit: contains all the gaskets in contact with the product.

Actuator Kit: contains all the gaskets located in the pneumatic actuator.

Ready-to-work actuator: complete pneumatic actuator equipped with new gaskets ready to substitue a defective valve. The fastest solution for non-stop plants.

3) Purchasing

Complete information, serial numbers and tipe of spare parts, help us to guarantee flash delivery to site, through our international couriers.

4) Valve maintenance

Send a request to Bardiani Valvole in order to receive the Video manual showing the maintenance operation. Valve repairs will become very easy, by following the video.

5) Need help?

Send your valve to Bardiani Valvole, we will look after the maintenance, including an inspection of the main parts and re-polishing of damaged surfaces.

Valves produced between 10/2003 and 09/2008

Valves produced after 09/2008