Technology and attention to details go into making over 60,000 valves a year

CNC and robotic machinery, software designed and developed in-house for managing orders from the very first drawing through to delive0ry, but above all, a team of 104 employees made up of highly-skilled technicians and experts.


Our factory in Fornovo Taro, near Parma, Italy, produces over 60,000 valves a year with a large number of variations and customized features all taken care of by our teams of experts working on projects defined alongside our customers down to the last detail.


This combination of technology, customization and craftsmanship in the finishing makes Bardiani Valvole a unique supplier in terms of flexibility in production and an ability to meet customer requests.


Our Canadian branch – Bardiani Valves Ltd., supports the Canadian and North American market providing a commercial service as well as in-situ installation and warehousing to ensure that customer requests can be met quickly and efficiently.