Around the world

Competitiveness, technical evolution, certification

Around 80% of the valves manufactured by Bardiani are installed in hundreds of factories around the world. Our single seat and Mixproof B925 valves in particular are the most popular thanks to their reliability and certified hygiene.


For markets where particularly strict standards have to be met, Bardiani designs and produces ad hoc valves, such as the B915PMO, a valve which received PMO (Pasteurized Milk Ordinance) certification in the USA for dairy sector applications.

More and more services from Canada to the whole world

The Canadian branch of Bardiani Valvole (Bardiani Valves Canada Ltd.) operates in the North American market and retains strong ties with the Mother Company. Its organizational structure allows us to offer services and expertise to our customers operating in the Canadian and North American markets: from sales to post-sales assistance with stocks of spare parts ready for delivery.


All Bardiani Valve dealers are committed to constantly improving the standards of post-sales services and whenever consultancy or specific interventions are required, the Bardiani technical team is always ready to carry out inspections anywhere in the world.