Vous trouverez ici les questions les plus fréquemment posées par nos clients et fournisseurs.

Informations générales

Certificates must be required together with items orders.

We do not have standard times for valve families. Please ask for a quotation, including delivery times, to the following addresses: commercialeitalia@bardiani.com or export@bardiani.com

Detailed/exploded technical drawings must be required to pur service office: service@bardiani.com

Informations sur le service après-vente

Please go to TRAINING section and fill the form, then click the link in assistance section: https://www.bardiani.com/en/home-en/services/request-training/ 

To get service kit codes (wetted side and/or actuator side) please enter VALVE CODE into ORIGINAL SPARE PARTS section: https://www.bardiani.com/en/home-en/services/original-spare-parts/

To get service kit codes (wetted side and/or actuator side)please enter VALVE CODE into ORIGINAL SPARE PARTS section: https://www.bardiani.com/en/home-en/services/original-spare-parts/ 

Please send an email to our Service office: service@bardiani.com detailing the kind of non-compliance detected and attaching pictures, videos and /or other kind of supporting material.

No, it’s not possible. According to ISO 9001, every report and complaint must be formalized in writing, as specified in the answer to the previous question.

Within 48 hours of taking charge of the complaint/report.

Of course. We carry out custom maintenance estimates after checking the operation of Bardiani valves.
However, before sending any material to our office please contact the Service office at the email service@bardiani.com

We recommend replacing seals in contact with the product every 12 months, while  for the pneumatic part every 24 months. For any doubt, please refer to the following document: https://www.bardiani.com/en/home-en/services/user-manual/

We recommend to stock at least 10% of kit compared to the number and models of installed valves. For any support, please contact our service office: service@bardiani.com

Informations commerciales

It is 100,00€ net value, shipping costs excluded.

Yes it is intended as working days, shipping time not included.

No, shipping time is not included in delivery time expressed in the offert.

Fill in the following form:

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