Success story: The Bridge


The Bridge is specialized in the organic production of beverages, cooking cream and desserts of vegetable origin both under its own brand and as a private label.
The Bridge exports 80% of revenues to over 50 countries around the World.

The production plant is located near the Lessini Mountains Natural Park, in Veneto- Northern Italy,  which allows the company to use high quality spring water.

The company is focus on choosing best quality raw material to obtain a high level product. Furthermore it pays attention to the environment by using energy derived from renewable sources.



During the growth phase of the company, the collaboration with Bardiani Valvole begins. In fact, thanks to the quality of the products and the increasing demand for products of non-animal origin, The Bridge needs to build a new production plant.


Customer needs and Bardiani Valvole solutions

Attention to the selection of raw materials goes hand in hand with the one for the environment and sustainability.  Particular attention is paid to the efficiency of flow management and hygiene.

This is the reason why Bardiani Valvole has been able to respond to The Bridge’s needs by creating valve clusters on specific customer request, providing specific advice.
Each valve cluster is submitted to a demanding quality control before being sent to the customer.

Bardiani’s strength is to be able to design and assemble valve cluster in Italy (Fornovo plant), exploiting 40 years of know-how and experience.

Service is key

For The Bridge, after-sales support is a key topic.

The Bridge relied on Bardiani Care with particular interest in on-site maintenance to increase efficiency of the plant and avoid downtime.
Bardiani Care is the complete service program reserved for customers who want total and carefree service. The program includes, among other things, technical trainings by qualified personnel, preventive and emergency maintenance, spare parts guaranteed over time, advice on minimum safety stocks, and technical assistance.