The only valve – up to 150 bar- 3A certified.


New high pressure valve BBZQ

A unique and functional product, the BBZQ valve is characterized by the thickness of the bodies and the actuator diameters which have been increased so that the valves can be used in processes where pressures of up to 150bar are required.

The strong point of this range of valves is their sturdiness: each component, be it in contact with the product or the pneumatic part, is made from solid bar.

The BBYQ version with steam barrier makes it possible to achieve safe separation between the product inside the valves and the external environment. It is used for particularly delicate applications where sterility, aseptic conditions or high sterilization temperatures are required.

To prolong the service life of the seals and prevent water hammer in the system, it is possible to apply a hydraulic damper in the upper part of the pneumatic actuator.
Bardiani Valvole is the only company which can offer a high pressure valve (150bar), which is certified to 3A Sanitary standards.

And it can develop special versions on specific customer requests for all diameters, valve body and connector configurations.