40 years of values



Sandro Spagnoli began his experience in Bardiani in February 2002.

Since then it has been involved in valve production in Bardiani. His professional growth has been progressive and today he manages a team of 60 people.
Thanks to each of his collaborators he was able to implement very important projects such as Lean manufacturing.

His motto: “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”. (H.Ford)


After a few years of experience abroad, between London and Paris, Viviane Costella joined Bardiani Valvole in 1996.
Viviana is a point of reference for customers and partners thanks to her #reliability.
Together with Roberto Ferrari she leads the Export Team.


Her motto: “Proud to be part of it!”

Made in Italy


After completing a degree in Economics, Andrea Genitrini arrived in Bardiani Valvole on 2004 to develop international business . On 2014 he moved to Toronto to start up Bardiani Valves Canada Ltd.

His motto: “Proud to promote “Made in Italy” in North America.”


Olga Malasaeva graduated in Law at the University of Jaroslaval (RUS) in 1997. For 7 years she practiced as a lawyer, but in 2004 her life changed and she moved to Italy. After several years of study and experience in mechanical Companies as an interpreter and sales representative, in 2014 she began her career in Bardiani Valvole.


Her motto: “Although fear will always have more arguments, choose hope”.


Amadou Balde is from Guinea Bissau on the Atlantic Ocean in West Africa.
He arrived in Italy at the age of 18, after a two-year journey through the Sahara desert and Libya. He left alone without a family and without knowing what to expect.
In the winter of 2015 he arrived in Borgotaro, a mountain village near Fornovo, in the province of Parma.
He started going to school, learned Italian and met people.
In 2017 he is found in Bardiani Valvole and has found another family. Today Amadou takes care of the packaging of the valves ready for shipment.



Laura Costella joined  Bardiani Valvole on 2007. She is a mother and during the pandemic she faced work and “family” challenges with resilience.

“In recent years, we have faced numerous challenges, up to the pandemic and the sudden and radical change it has brought to our lives.
Teamwork, the possibility to rely on a solid network of personal and professional relationships: these are the values that have always distinguished Bardiani Valvole and that have allowed us to transform difficulties into learning, to reorganize resources in a positive way, to build a new future.”



Rouhi Abdelhakim was born in Morocco. He moved to Italy as a boy where he attended technical training school. He works at Bardiani in the CNC department and last year he celebrated his first 20 years in the company.

“When I started working at Bardiani Valvole I was not aware of what the job was. The years have passed, I have worked with commitment and dedication. This year I reached the milestone of twenty years and it was an important moment in my life. I am proud of my work, of my role, of belonging to this great Company that has made me grow, has believed in me and in which I have never felt different, because of another nationality.
I am proud to work and I hope to always be able to give my best. Insha’allah. “



Linda joined Bardiani in 2019 at the age of 42.

For a long time she was a mother and once the children grew up she got back into the business.
She was able to quickly join her team thanks to her qualities of empathy and seriousness.
In Bardiani welcome in the best way the new hires within the working reality is a fundamental element of the Company culture.

“The first day in Bardiani was exciting. I came in with a mixture of fear and happiness, but the fear passed almost immediately after meeting my team who made me feel comfortable from the first moment. What I appreciated the most was being involved in all the activities as if I had always worked in the Company.
I am proud to be part of Bardiani Valvole  that has been able to welcome me, guiding me, giving me confidence in this path, making me aware of my abilities and making me become autonomous in a short time. “


Social commitment

Marco has been working in Bardiani Valvole since 2011. He began his experience in the assembly department where today he holds the position of assistance manager. He is part of the Company’s First Aid team and has been serving at Red Cross for years.

“Working in the social field, volunteering are tangible ways to make a contribution to the whole community.
The good you have done will be rewarded a hundred times overT.’
This quote represents for me a fixed point from which to start, both in private life and at work. I am proud of the social initiatives promoted by the Company, and I participate because I strongly believe in the importance of solidarity. Doing good is contagious, and the greatest reward is the simplicity of a THANK YOU.”